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LangID is the quickest way to retrieve informations about a language you don't know.

Most of the free translations services available online ask you to select the language you want to translate a text from. This means that if you don't know what language it is you can not translate it in your language

Using LangID you can understand in which language a text was written and then use an external service to translate it. We provide the current English name of the language, the ISO code and an icon rapresenting the flag of one of the countries this language is spoken in

You can query our service directly writing the text, uploading a file, sending a mail o tweeting us @langidbot. We will soon provide even identification via link.

We provide easy to use API access, even if google offers the same service, probably with faster file access :) .


LangID uses Google Ajax API to identify the languages. Currently we support 85 languages

Flag icons used were originally realized by IconDrawer

This website was realized using OpenSource tools: PHP,Postgres,Apache,Vim,Gimp and many more.

LangID is a free language identification service created by Andrea Olivato
Web Layout, Logo and Images by Sabrina Aqil
©2009 - Read more about LangID.

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